The Power of Hemp – Part II: Try Not to Be Shocked by CBD’s Medical Potential

If research didn’t support it, we wouldn’t believe it – hemp’s treatment potential is almost unbelievable…

This is Part II of The Power of Hemp, 1606’s deep-dive series on what hemp could do for you. (Click here if you missed Part I) 

In the first piece, we discussed some of what science has to say about hemp/CBD and different kinds of anxiety.

Now we’re moving into the world of physical health, and you won’t want to miss what medical studies are reporting.

For many years, marijuana has been understood as a treatment for nausea and pain management in cancer patients, particularly those in chemotherapy. Marijuana and hemp are both types of cannabis, so it’s not surprising that hemp can be used in a similar way (more on that below).

But it’s frankly incredible what medical studies on CBD have been finding. 

Can something as simple as hemp really have so many uses in the treatment of serious medical conditions? Research gives hope, and the range of treatment possibilities is honestly staggering. Let’s talk hemp in medicine – just what is this unusual plant capable of?

Please note that CBD and hemp are not a replacement for professional medical or therapeutic counsel. Always consult with your doctor before you try an intervention like CBD/hemp for any condition you are suffering.

If you would like to know more about the potential medical benefits of hemp/CBD, we encourage you to seek out studies (some are listed here) examining this topic for a balanced, independent assessment of your own making.

Medical CBD – Science Weighs in

medical researchers in a hemp field


Starting at the minor end of the medical spectrum, acne is one of the many physical issues CBD has the potential to treat. Acne may not be life-threatening, but it’s one of the most common and frustrating diseases that an average person will experience.

For most adults, acne is an occasional irritation. But for a smaller percentage of people, frequent aggressive breakouts lead to physical and social discomfort that shouldn’t be dismissed.

Fortunately, research recorded CBD having certain anti-acne effects, including limiting the spread of acne and reducing inflammation. In other words, the acne was less dramatic and there was less of it!


Epileptic seizures are dramatic episodes of brain malfunction. They can be marked by sensory disturbance, loss of consciousness, and convulsions. It’s not uncommon for these episodes to leave people (including children) completely at the mercy of gravity. 

This sudden loss of consciousness can be incredibly dangerous if you’re in the middle of driving, standing on a ledge, or even just leaning over a counter. Epilepsy has been known to cause chipped teeth, broken bones, and worse.

Research reports that people who are resistant to standard epilepsy treatments can benefit from hemp’s active ingredient: CBD. In one study, CBD caused 4 epileptic patients to “improve markedly.” 3 others improved to a more modest degree. Only one patient did not improve…


Physical health doesn’t get more serious than cancer, a terminal condition that needs no explanation from us. Yet certain forms of cancer have acted unpredictably when treated with CBD. It almost seems like science fiction – CBD treating cancer? No way…

Well, yes way. But let’s be clear about this: CBD is not a cure for any given cancer, and it is not guaranteed to have any impact on cancer when a person uses it. 

CBD can turn hemp cigarettes into a powerful smoking alternative, but it should never, ever replace mainstream medicine as a cancer response.

That being said, here’s the gist of things: Research found that CBD could reduce the aggressiveness of certain breast cancer tumors. Similar research concluded that “CBD inhibits human breast cancer cell proliferation and invasion.”

Wow – just what is going on with this plant? It feels almost like magic that hemp’s active ingredient can affect the body in so many positive ways. Always keep in mind that more research is needed before jumping to conclusions, but we hope you’re as excited about hemp as we are.

For now, here’s a little more to tide you over: Yet another study found that CBD can actually kill breast cancer tumor cells. Now we’ve heard it all. And as a last note on cancer, CBD has been reported to ease chemotherapy-induced nausea. 

Oh, and CBD can help to relieve cancer-related pain that even opioids have failed to stop.

Other Conditions

Finally, here are some other conditions that CBD may help to treat in one way or another (according to research)…


The sad loss of motor function is one of Parkinson’s Diseases’ most notorious symptoms. One case study discovered that CBD was able to manage symptoms of REM-sleep behavior disorder, a feature of Parkinson’s that causes some sleepers to suddenly lose muscle tone during REM sleep. Another study pointed to CBD as a potential way to simply improve quality of life for people with Parkinson’s.


Alzheimer’s is a terrifying neural disorder that causes cognitive decline in the elderly, leading eventually to total dysfunction and loss of connection to reality. But this study identified CBD as a “valid candidate” for novel Alzheimer’s therapies. This is one area of research to really keep an eye on…

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can lead to numerous fatal complications, particularly as a person ages. Stroke, cardiac arrest, etc. Incidentally, smoking tobacco will heighten your blood pressure and damage the lining of your artery walls. This study found that even a single dose of CBD could reduce blood pressure as a stress response, along with “numerous [other] cardiovascular benefits.” This stands to emphasize hemp as a great way to kick your lethal nicotine habit.

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