What It’s Actually Like to Smoke a Hemp Roll

We’ve talked a lot about our filtered hemp pre-rolls.

Specifically, we’ve covered things like the benefits of CBD and how hemp can help you quit nicotine. But one of the ways hemp can do this—particularly 1606’s hemp rolls—is how carefully they replicate the taste, feeling, and aroma of a genuine tobacco cigarette.

How many times have you tossed out your last pack, believing you were ready to quit for good?

But the sensory experience doesn’t leave your memory so easily. You’re not just going to forget the rich symphony of familiar sensations that put you at such ease when you light a cigarette. If you ask us, this is where so many quitting methods get it wrong.

Take nicotine gum for instance – it’s not that this is a weak or ineffective quitting tool. In fact, there’s no doubt nicotine gum has helped numerous people kick the habit by slowly weaning themselves off. And kudos to them!

But nicotine gum doesn’t do that for most people—not forever. 

That’s because it misses one key ingredient of the quitting process, and that’s the sensory experience. 1606 filtered hemp pre-rolls are designed to succeed where other quitting tools have failed. When you’re craving a tobacco cigarette, hemp rolls come closer than any other product to making you feel like you’re getting that cigarette.

Maybe you’re hearing about hemp rolls for the first time, or maybe you’re on the fence about the whole thing. That’s okay! If you’re wondering what it really feels like to smoke a hemp roll, you’re going to have to try smoking one for yourself.

However, this article is the next-best thing. As much as it is humanly possible, we want to describe how it feels to smoke a hemp roll. Let’s get into the finer details of what it’s like to light up and take a drag from a 1606 filtered hemp pre-roll.

The Look

Even before you pull out a roll, you’ll notice the simple pleasure of the packaging. Smooth outer wrapping delivers mild resistance to the running finger, and peeling the plastic leaves that compact simplicity, of the cigarette pack, waiting in your palm.

“The taste and smell is so smooth. I definitely recommend.”

A filtered hemp pre-roll is the precise size and shape of a tobacco cigarette down to the fine, tiny lines dotted along familiar white rolling paper. A spongy filter has been clustered in the base of the roll for smooth inhaling.

The Feel

The lightweight power of a hemp pre-roll can be felt the moment you loose it from its densely packed family. If you were blindfolded, you’d never know the difference (since the only noticeable change in look is a hemp roll’s fragrant green cannabis shavings stuffed neatly at the end of the cylinder.

The Aroma

This is truthfully where you’ll find most of the difference between a 1606 filtered hemp pre-roll and a tobacco cigarette – yet the smell of each is still quite similar to the other. The robust, fiery scent of a cigarette is here, but there’s also a subtle undertone of fragrant cannabis in the smoke.

“There is no harshness when smoking, and they get the job done!”

The leaves themselves produce a milder version of this before burning. Once you light a roll, however, there is no mistaking the smoky, chalk-like thickness of the smell passing in and out with every breath.

The Flavor

Finally! Let’s get to the real deal. 1606 filtered hemp pre-rolls are a flavor to savor, and this is where we think they excel the most. It’s one of the toughest parts of the smoking experience to get right, and the reviews are in: Hemp rolls get it right.

“Smooth as hell.”

The perfection of bitter, burning herb in your throat magnifies comfort in ways you thought only a tobacco cigarette could.

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