What Have You Got to Lose by Quitting Nicotine? With 1606, Less Than Ever

Physiological addiction to nicotine is a huge brick wall for a lot of nicotine users – whether you’re smoking tobacco cigarettes or vaping, those cravings are a real beast. But another reason so many nicotine users struggle is psychological… Have you ever felt like nicotine helps you to simply cope with life?

Maybe there have even been times when it seemed like nicotine was the only thing holding you together.

The psychological benefits that nicotine seems to provide are powerful – but are they too powerful to leave behind as you liberate your body and mind from this profoundly addictive drug? The tough part is that there really are benefits to smoking nicotine and tobacco. These benefits are not worth gambling with your life – make no mistake about that.

But cigarettes wouldn’t be so compelling to us if they didn’t offer something pretty good in exchange for our health. Fortunately, with 1606 filtered hemp pre-rolls, the decision is easier than ever.

Without exaggeration, many of the everyday benefits that you get from cigarettes are a part of the hemp roll experience.

Let’s go through a list of some of the purely social/psychological benefits that carry over from cigarettes to 1606 filtered hemp pre-rolls.

Instant Gratification

Yup, cigarettes have this in spades. Instant gratification is exactly what’s happening when you’re stressed, tired, hungry, etc., and you take that first quick pull from your nicotine fix of choice. It’s really, really hard to go cold turkey and simply drop that kind of instant gratification from your life. That’s the brilliance of hemp rolls though – they do exactly the same thing. 

Quitting nicotine doesn’t mean you have to white-knuckle it through those moments when you’d kill for a bit of quick relief.

And as an added benefit, the CBD content in a hemp roll can tone down your nicotine cravings, helping you through a tough time for way less effort than it would take alone.

Bonding with Other Smokers

two men on a smoke break using hemp rolls

Imagine standing around with a bunch of people outside, staring off into the distance. These could be people you know or strangers – it doesn’t matter. You’re all just standing there in silence, doing nothing in particular. Uh, kind of awkward, yeah? But add cigarettes to that picture, and suddenly, it’s a social experience that non-smokers never get to enjoy.

The simple little addition of nicotine has taken a weird silence and turned it into a natural bonding experience.

Doesn’t mean smoking alongside someone else turns you into best buds, but you know what we’re talking about. It’s a totally different ballgame with cigarettes. Again, when you switch over to hemp rolls, you don’t have to lose this cool little experience. As you puff away on your hemp roll, you’ll feel right at home with your usual smoking crew.

The Comfort of Ritual

Human beings love their rituals. It doesn;t have to be a religious thing with candles and chanting, so forget about that. Ritual is sort of like another word for habit, only with that extra added significance. It’s something you treasure. Nicotine use represents a ritual any way you look at it. You look forward to it, you dislike when it’s interrupted, and you probably like it a certain way, don’t you? 

Maybe you don’t want some jerk blasting his music in the middle of the parking lot while you try to enjoy a little smoking session – maybe you need peace and quiet. Or maybe you’re the one who likes to blast the music. Maybe you like to smoke/vape in a certain place, or as you’re driving. 

Well, guess what else allows you to sink into the comfort of your customized smoking ritual?

Yeah, you can see where we’re going with this. It’s time to think differently about quitting nicotine. It’s not about what you lose – not when you’re transitioning to hemp. With 1606 filtered hemp pre-rolls, it’s about what you get to keep. And thankfully, you get to keep a lot of what makes nicotine feel so right.

Only, you know, without nicotine products slowly killing you. Not bad, eh?

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