Truck Drivers, Hemp Rolls, and the Open Road

Truck drivers have a tough job.

We’re talking long workdays, long periods away from home, aches and pains from constant driving, and important deadlines for hauling cargo across the country. A lot of people complain about having to drive long-distance for something like a wedding or family reunion. But for truck drivers, this is life. 

Entrusted with someone else’s expensive load of products, the driver has to operate an enormous, heavy vehicle over great stretches of terrain, fighting boredom, sleep deprivation, hunger, and restlessness.

Imagine battling nicotine addiction on top of that! Fortunately, our filtered hemp pre-rolls are just the thing for drivers who have resolved to quit. Here are 3 reasons truck drivers ought to give combustible hemp a shot.

1. Relaxing on the Road

Truck drivers are truly in it for the long haul. They can end up behind the wheel for up to 11 hours at a time! As a driver, you may be looking to earn the maximum amount over the lowest number of days, and that often means stretching your time spent behind the wheel—and minimizing time spent elsewhere.

Does this sound relaxing?

It shouldn’t. Between tension in your arm and leg muscles, fatigue, and the push to meet deadlines, you’ve got plenty to worry about on your shoulders. Nicotine fixes are likely one of the things that keep you going during a long haul. They’re one of the few instant-relief options available to you when the other stressors start adding up.

Unfortunately, nicotine and tobacco are really bad for you, so in the long run, you’re not doing your body any favors.

But this is where hemp rolls make an entrance. Hemp with heavy CBD content is designed to help you relax, take the edge off, and hit the spot when you’re craving nicotine. Only there’s not an ounce of nicotine in our hemp rolls.

2. A Little Shut-Eye (But Hopefully A Lot)

For many, familiarity is a big part of getting a good night’s rest. Of course, drivers are well-accustomed to life on the road, far away from the comfort of their own bed. Eventually, you do get used to sleeping in different situations, places, and with different noises. But getting used to it doesn’t mean it’s easy.

It’s normal for drivers to struggle with the noise of sleeping on the side of a busy highway or at a rest stop with traffic going about its business.

Cars, people, doors opening and shutting, pets, etc. CBD has been shown to promote sleep in some studies, so while we still recommend a good set of earplugs, a filtered hemp pre-roll is the perfect way to wind down before getting settled.

3. No Mess,  No Stress

Some people swear by CBD tinctures for stress relief and whatever else CBD might do for them. This usually involves filling a dropper with CBD oil from some container you’ve got stashed away. So why not use the tincture instead of smoking hemp? Well, let’s answer a question with another question: Ever tried using a CBD tincture while you’re driving? 

Yeah, don’t do that.

Unless you just so happen to have the dropper prepared with the oil in it, there will be some amount of unscrewing, dipping, filling, etc. before it goes in your mouth. Of all the things that could go wrong here, the best case scenario is that you spill tincture all over yourself behind the wheel.

The worst case? Car wreck.

There are other ways to take CBD as well, but they either require you to digest something or apply an oily topical to your skin. And worst of all, a lot of digestibles contain more THC than they advertise. Some CBD gummies, oils, and other consumable CBD products will actually contain enough THC to get you high.

This is, of course, the last thing you need while you’re trying to operate a metal behemoth carrying precious cargo at high speeds. 1606 products are advertised honestly – our filtered hemp pre-rolls are very, very low in THC content, and they simply aren’t going to get you high. So if you’ve got a hankering for nicotine while you’re on the road, don’t light up a cigarette, skip the digestibles, and don’t mess around with oils – light up a hemp roll.

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