The Race for Relief: Hemp vs. Opioids

One of the reasons hemp is so impressive is the sheer volume of things it can be used for. Beating nicotine addiction is our biggest point of focus, and there’s no doubt hemp can help with that. And nicotine addiction is plenty serious –. it’s literally a matter of life and death for smokers everywhere.

But hemp is valuable for another very serious reason: opioid addiction.

You can hardly go a single day without something popping up in your news feed about an opioid overdose, illegal sales of prescription opioids, and other unsettling reportage on the subject. Opioids are useful, and there’s no denying that.

Many patients suffering chronic, severe pain have benefited from careful prescriptions issued by their doctor. But it’s a complicated issue. These benefits don’t mean you can simply ignore what a problem opioids have become in the US. Long-term use of strong pain relievers like opioids can lead to drug tolerance, and in this case, it’s not just an inconvenience.

It’s potentially deadly.

If an opioid user begins developing a tolerance to the medication, they are liable to take more than the usual dosage, failing to appreciate the danger this poses. Some patients with more troublesome chronic pain can’t even get relief from opioids, but that doesn’t mean overdose isn’t a possibility if they take too much. And for most people, opioids deliver a pleasurable high, which means there’s an additional reason driving users to take increasingly larger doses—the high is harder and harder to achieve.

While hemp and CBD are not going to solve everyone’s chronic pain issues, they have worked remarkably well for some.

Basically, the only way to know is if you give hemp a shot. And hemp is a natural, legal alternative that doesn’t require a prescription. What else is there to say about the relationship between hemp and opioids?

Quite a bit, actually!

We’re going to cover some of the reasons you should always opt for hemp over opioids if possible. And before we begin, as always, please consult your doctor before making any changes or decisions that could affect your health.

What Are Opioids Anyway?

Opioids are prescription-strength painkillers. They are narcotics that doctors may prescribe to patients who are dealing with chronic pain. Opioids are also used for severe short-term pain caused by things like surgery or car accidents. These are potent medications, and the euphoria they can induce has often led to long-term abuse, especially for people who experience daily pain. 

These drugs come in a number of different forms, including oxycodone, morphine, and even heroin. This is not stuff you want to mess around with!

man smoking hemp roll

Opioids vs. CBD


If a patient has been prescribed opioids over a long period of time, they may have difficulty stopping. Opioids are plain addictive, and it’s easy to find yourself chasing a high when that’s your go-to method for relieving pain. But even if your tolerance is so high that you don’t experience euphoria, there is another factor that can keep you hooked… That factor is withdrawal.

Opioid withdrawal is what happens when your body has become accustomed to having these substances in your system.

Symptoms vary in strength and type, but it’s not uncommon for withdrawal symptoms to include anxiety, cramping, nausea/vomiting, and insomnia just to name a few. You’ve got to be incredibly careful with these substances, which is one reason we recommend trying CBD first.

CBD isn’t chemically addictive, so you won’t end up desperate to get any kind of “CBD fix.” And even if you regularly consume CBD, stopping abruptly doesn’t lead to withdrawal. 


Once you become reliant on opioids—and it’s easy for this to happen—anxiety finds an easy way into your life. Anxiety is ultimately a state of mind, but it’s intimately tied to the rest of the body. If you are hooked on opioids, you can feel anxious just by thinking about the possibility of having less than enough medicine left to enjoy your usual dosage.

And if you do enter into opioid withdrawal, you’re likely to end up struggling with physiologically induced anxiety as your body tries to cope without the substance it now relies on. 

CBD, on the other hand, is renowned for its calming properties.

And no withdrawal means no physiological imbalances and no anxiety. If you’re smoking 1606 filtered hemp pre-rolls to quit nicotine, you may have discovered for yourself the soothing effect they can have when you’re craving a tobacco cigarette or a vape pull. 

In fact, CBD has been used as an effective supplement for people quitting both nicotine and  opioids.

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