Smokes on a Plane – Can You Fly With Hemp?

Got a flight coming up? Maybe you’re not certain that hemp or CBD is strictly allowed on your person. Will the airport security allow you to bring CBD on a plane? Does the Transportation Security Administration even check for this sort of thing? What about laws and regulations in other states or countries? Plenty of questions to answer here, so let’s get started! We’re going to talk all about going way up high (literally, like up in the air) with CBD.

Flying Domestically With CBD

So can you fly from one U.S. state to another with CBD? Basically, yes – you can bring hemp-derived CBD products with you when you board a plane for domestic travel. TSA officers typically look for anything not allowed in the cabin during air travel. This includes things like guns, bombs, knives, or even liquid you brought in from beyond the security gate. But luckily, because of the hemp bill, this does NOT include CBD. Nice! 

According to the TSA website…

“Marijuana and certain cannabis infused products, including some Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, remain illegal under federal law except for products that contain no more than 0.3 percent THC on a dry weight basis or that are approved by FDA.” 

As long as your CBD product does NOT violate this standard, it’s good to go on the plane. If you’re a little worried about braving the craving during a long flight, it can help to have hemp rolls on hand (or in a carry-on bag). Once you land and make your way to a smoking-approved area outside, you can smoke a filtered hemp pre-roll to soothe those nasty cravings. 

What you don’t want is to stow your hemp rolls in a bag, check the bag, then come off your flight to find there’s been a baggage mix-up. You’ve probably been there—waiting around for that missing luggage. Adding nicotine cravings to this formula is a recipe for relapse. So even though you can’t light up a filtered hemp pre-roll on a plane, it’s good to keep ‘em personally secure.

Flying Internationally With CBD

So you’re flying internationally with CBD. Here’s where some complications may arise. Regulations vary by country, so allowance of anything with THC (even hemp rolls with their tiny trace amount) depends on the country you’re flying to/from. And for that matter, once you know the rules, there’s the problem of classification—how will hemp rolls be classified by a foreign country? Unfortunately, unless you are well aware of the rules and regulations in your destination country, it’s advisable to just play it safe and leave any products with cannabinoids (yeah, even hemp-derived oils) at home.

Some countries have really strict drug laws, and that is one fiasco you do NOT need in your life.

Some countries don’t allow any CBD. Period. Others do, but they need you to have a prescription for it. A few countries allow products with THC levels higher than 0.3% – others drop this to 0.2%. As of September 2020, here is a list of regulations by country. If you’re gonna be flying, give this list a scan to make sure you don’t end up stuck in a security office somewhere.

Smoking on a Plane

Alright, it should probably go without saying, but please do NOT try lighting up a 1606 filtered hemp pre-roll on a plane! No, not even in the bathroom. If cravings strike while you’re up in the air, you might be in trouble. Of course, you can’t smoke anything on a plane, so it’s not like your cigarette craving will end in a smoking relapse. Nicotine gum might be your best bet if you’re cruising through the clouds. Let’s hope it’s a short flight!

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