Quit Tobacco for Real This Time (Can Hemp Save You?)

Trying to quit tobacco? You’re not alone. Each day, millions of people are attempting to drop this poisonous habit.

They’re trying to quit tobacco, but they’re not succeeding. Why is this? It’s because tobacco products are loaded with addictive nicotine, making them one of the most difficult drugs to stop using (or at least, they used to be among the most difficult).

You know the cycle. First, you decide to quit. You probably have some really great reasons too: a healthier life, freedom from addiction, more years spent with your loved ones… 

And yet somehow, your resolve to quit tobacco doesn’t last. You relapse.

Have you promised yourself that tomorrow will be different? Will it really be different though? Quitting tobacco means taking one of your most treasured daily habits and erasing it. A lot of smokers try filling that gap with new things, but if you’re a longtime smoker, you know there isn’t much that can scratch that smoking itch.

If you try to quit tobacco, a powerful craving is going hit you at certain times throughout the day: when you wake up, break from work, eat lunch, etc. And it’s going to hit you hard. Nicotine gum can be helpful, but this is a short-term solution – it’s expensive, and it is meant to wean you off tobacco cigarettes, not replace them. 

Despite all this, quitting tobacco is more doable than you think. Of course, quitting tobacco is not easy by any reasonable standard…

But for the first time, there is something that makes quitting realistic for many, many smokers.

You’ve heard of it before – we’re talking about hemp. What do you think of when you hear “hemp”? Braided rope? Blankets? Hemp baskets? The hemp flower is more than that. This stuff is a potent alternative to tobacco. Specifically, hemp is a smoking alternative, and it’s the most impressive new player ever to hit the smoking market.

Hemp contains the awesome potential to help you kick poisonous tobacco and nicotine from your life.

At 1606, we produce high-quality hemp rolls for your smoking pleasure without the risks and guilt that have come to haunt so many smokers. Tobacco cigarettes don’t represent choosing to smoke  –  tobacco cigarettes make you smoke. We have a strong word for hemp rolls. That word is “revolutionary.” And hemp rolls are revolutionary because they actually deliver on a long-standing promise that the tobacco industry has never fulfilled. 

skull with cigarette emphasizing why you should quit tobacco
Tobacco isn’t cutting it – it’s time to try something else. (Hint: hemp!)

The tobacco industry promised you independence and the power to make personal choices about your own life. Nicotine addiction doesn’t sound like independence to us. But let’s talk about the future  – your future.

As a smoking alternative, what can hemp do for you?

For starters, hemp is a far more natural alternative to the sickening chemicals found in every tobacco cigarette. Let’s quickly cover what you won’t find at 1606. In our combustible hemp rolls, there is no tobacco. There is no nicotine. We produce a hemp-based smoking alternative with less than 0.3% THC, which means our product is not for “getting high” either.

Our hemp rolls do contain 20% CBD, and here’s where it gets really exciting.

CBD-centric hemp products with minimal-to-no THC content are known as “CBD isolates.” And while they are no substitute for talking with your doctor, these hemp products are surprisingly therapeutic. They have the documented potential to:

  1. Treat anxiety
  2. Enhance wakefulness
  3. Relieve pain
  4. Soothe cravings for harmful substances

This is the key to it all: CBD’s potential for treating addiction and reducing cravings on a chemical level. 

And when you’re craving a tobacco cigarette, what runs through your mind? It’s not just the chemical impact of nicotine that you’re looking for  – there’s also the physical act of smoking a cigarette.

That’s why 1606 doesn’t waste a single hemp shaving, packing premium combustible hemp into snug, neatly rolled cylinders. 1606 hemp rolls are designed by company experts to simulate the look and feel of that first morning cigarette. When you’re stuck in traffic, you don’t want gum. You want smooth relief between your fingers and the ebb & flow of smoke at the smoldering paper tip.

And if you’re like us, you want it without the lethal drawbacks of tobacco. 1606 hemp rolls don’t just soothe physiological cravings for nicotine…

Our hemp rolls offer a true alternative smoking experience without the worry. 

No carcinogenic tobacco, no nicotine. Just the smoking experience you know and love. CBD hemp rolls aren’t simply better for you than tobacco – simply put, they feel good. And most importantly, they do it without sacrificing your sobriety, work ethic, or independence.

The power to quit tobacco is finally in your hands.

There’s a reason we call it a “smooth alternative” to other smoking products  – with 1606 combustible hemp rolls, you might even quit tobacco without realizing it.

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