The Secret to Breaking Your Nicotine Habit (Most People Never Notice It)

What do you picture when you think of quitting nicotine?

A lot of former smokers think that if they can just go a few months without a tobacco cigarette, they’ll have nicotine cravings pretty much under control. That may actually be true for some smokers. But for others, it’s not so easy. Cravings may surface when you least expect them…

You’ve probably been smoking tobacco/nicotine cigarettes or vaping nicotine for a long time.

That means you have literally shaped the channels in your brain – you’ve molded your thinking process into a routine. Here’s how the routine goes:

  1. Something triggers a craving for nicotine.
  2. You begin looking for ways to satisfy that craving.
  3. You fulfill the nicotine craving with a tobacco cigarette.

You have turned your mind into a machine that follows a specific pattern of thoughts that it demands to complete with a nicotine cigarette.

Every time you do it, you dig yourself deeper into the habit hole.

Imagine your nicotine habit as a literal hole in the dirt just outside your front door. Every time you get a craving, that’s you trying to leave your house. And every time you smoke a tobacco cigarette, you’re stepping in the hole and shoveling dirt out of it.

The more nicotine cigarettes you smoke, the wider and deeper that hole becomes.

It started out as a harmless little divot, but over the years, it’s become like the grand canyon. Getting across the hole seems impossible now. The effort required to jump across Nicotine Canyon is staggering.

Many, many smokers have tried leaping across only to careen to the bottom. If you successfully weather a craving, congratulations – you’ve made the leap! But the canyon is still there, and this is incredibly depressing to nicotine users everywhere.

Here’s the secret though—what most people don’t understand about breaking a habit.

If you don’t look carefully, you’ll miss it… Every time you make that leap, you kick a bit of dirt back into Nicotine Canyon. Each little dirt cluster you kick back into the canyon is worthless on its own. But over time, just like how you dug the canyon, these things add up.

The more often you leap across, the more you fill up the hole. Eventually, the hole returns to a much smaller size – it will probably never disappear entirely, but you can refill it enough that it just takes a little bit of effort to hop over the hole without falling in.

The analogy isn’t perfect, but it depicts the neuroscience behind habit breaking. The more often you do something that feels good, the more sensitive your triggers become. And once those craving thoughts get triggered, your brain is going to make you feel like total garbage if it doesn’t get what it wants. 

Yet by dodging the craving and replacing nicotine with something else, you are diverting your brain signals down a different course—one that doesn’t end in relapse. 

This is what people don’t realize. They go a few months without nicotine (if they get that far) and figure life is so miserable with all these powerful cravings that they may as well pick up nicotine again. But literally every single time you work through a craving without relapsing, you make the new habit stronger and easier, just by a tiny little bit.

As you do this, the old nicotine pathway gets weaker and weaker over time. You become much less sensitive to the brain signals that lead you toward nicotine, and more sensitive to the replacement signals you’ve created with your replacement habit.

And to weather a nicotine craving without giving in, the best way is to use some kind of feel-good replacement.

Virtually anything can be used as a replacement so long as it feels good and rewards you. But not all replacements are created equal, and that’s where filtered hemp pre-rolls come in.

If your replacement is unlike nicotine, it will be harder to quit. Yet you want to be careful about what you replace nicotine with – alcohol or other intoxicating drugs can easily erase one problem and replace it with another. In fact, drinking makes you more likely to relapse because of how it lowers your mental guard. And if you’re not careful, you can end up with cravings for nicotine and  the replacement drug!

This is why hemp is such a novel solution.

It replaces nicotine cigarettes without forming addictions. 1606 filtered hemp pre-rolls are designed to simulate tobacco cigarettes and the overall nicotine experience, making it easier for your brain to accept that it’s not getting rewarded with nicotine.

It’s so similar to the habit you already have, yet it’s not chemically addictive, and it doesn’t contain a lot of the deeply unhealthy ingredients that tobacco cigarettes contain. Hemp also has the ability to soothe cravings on a chemical level, making it that much easier to drop nicotine.

Will quitting nicotine still be tough? Yeah, it will.

But overcoming Nicotine Canyon has never been easier, and you have everything to gain by trying our filtered hemp pre-rolls for yourself. Breaking the habit is a long project, but give it time and remember that every time you choose hemp over nicotine, you’re weakening your old habit in the long term.

It’s not an overnight cure, and it’s not a miracle solution. It’s a real-life process that still needs your willpower and good judgment. If you’re willing to walk that long road to a nicotine-free life, our filtered hemp pre-rolls are waiting for you.

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