Mangling 6 Myths About Good American Hemp

Few plants have been misunderstood worse than hemp. Emotion has guided much of U.S. policy toward this most potent crop, and the debate of “is hemp marijuana” (hint: it ain’t) has raged on and on. When it comes to hemp, we want to help you make the distinction between myth vs. real deal.

First things first: Cannabis is the only plant genus with this unique type of molecular compound – you’ve heard of it before, and it’s called a cannabinoid. Among these cannabinoid compounds is THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis (what gets you high), and CBD. This second type is a growing favorite among former nicotine users, and for good reason. 

It helps you quit nicotine and tobacco! 

And CBD is what you find in hemp. Our filtered hemp pre-rolls have so little THC in them that it would be practically impossible to get high just by smoking them. Unfortunately for hemp, however, the whole “is hemp marijuana” debate has been clouded by unscientific junk politics with little-to-no evidence behind them. Here are a few myths you may have heard before, followed by the facts. Your weekly dose of hemp reality—right here, right now!

Myth #1: The U.S. has always treated hemp and marijuana equally

Reality: Nope! In fact, history shows that, formerly, the U.S. government recognized the distinction between hemp and marijuana.

Myth #2: Smoking industrial hemp gets you high on THC

Reality: Wrong again! Get used to hearing that. The THC levels in industrial hemp (including 1606 filtered hemp pre-rolls) are so, so low that you really just can’t get high off smoking one. 

Myth #3: THC levels may be low in industrial hemp, but that THC can be extracted and concentrated to make a really potent chemical that gets you high. Selling hemp is therefore just like selling weed!

Reality: Well, uh, sort of? But not really, unless you’re the next Walter White (and you have a lot of time on your hands). The problem is that extracting THC from industrial hemp and refining it to get rid of the CBD content is so expensive and time-consuming that it makes no sense to bother with such a fiasco. Pretty unlikely that anyone would ever attempt this rather than simply finding some high-THC marijuana.

hemp farm in the sun

Myth #4: Hemp fields can be used to hide marijuana. It’s a big cover-up.

Reality: Nah. Hemp and marijuana are grown differently, so the idea of mixing these crops together in the same space implies some pretty bad and ineffective farming practices (ie, there’s no money in it). Cross-pollination between hemp and marijuana alone would mess with the mary jane content, reducing its potency significantly. These crops don’t even harvest at the same time of year. Need we go on?

Myth #5: Hemp oil contains THC. Gotcha this time, hemp lovers!

Reality: You didn’t get us. Hemp oil is a popular product with a lot of utility. Washed hemp seeds contain no THC at whatsoever. As for the tiny bit of THC in industrial hemp, it’s found within the glands of the actual plant. Sometimes, during the manufacturing process, some resin containing THC can stick to the seed, which leaves traces of that THC in the resulting oil. But you have to realize that, under these circumstances, the THC concentration in the oil is simply negligible. You could practically guzzle the stuff (don’t though) without getting high. 

Myth #6: Someone think of the children! Legalizing hemp sends the wrong message to kids.

Reality: Does it? Maybe someone could, you know, explain the difference between hemp and marijuana to kids… Maybe if the general public got its facts straight about hemp vs. marijuana, marijuana and hemp wouldn’t get confused anymore. Radical idea, right? For example, we recognize that shitake mushrooms are not “magic” mushrooms. Similar deal.

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