Anxiety, CBD, and a Little Psychology

Everyone has to deal with some amount of anxiety, but for some, it’s a crushing personal issue that takes a toll on good relationships, fulfilling careers, and healthy living. Anxiety is a source of shame for lots of normal people—maybe even you or someone you know.

It’s so deeply entrenched in our survival instincts that you can spend your whole life trying to escape it with little-to-no success. 

People with high anxiety may isolate themselves from family and friends, costing them an important sense of community that human beings need. As a “tribal” species, humans need to meet a certain quota of social interaction to maintain good mental health.

1606 is not a replacement for your doctor, counselor, or psychiatrist. However, we’re here to talk about our contribution to well-being in the form of CBD, which we deliver via combustible hemp. 1606 filtered hemp pre-rolls bear CBD content for the chief reason that it has the potential to help you quit nicotine/tobacco more effectively than any other supplement.

Let’s talk a little about CBD, anxiety, and what hemp rolls might be able to do for people who struggle with some anxiety.

Why Do We Feel Anxious?

Often, anxiety seems like a pretty annoying feeling with no real use. It can even kick in at really stupid times when it’s not remotely helpful. For example, public speech anxiety makes you afraid to talk in front of people. Why? Is the audience going to throw bricks at you or something? 

No. In fact, they plan on basically just sitting there in their seats and being quiet while you talk.

How polite of them! But if you’re afraid you’ll look foolish or be boring, how on earth does it help to tremble, forget your lines, sweat, etc.? In fact, if the thought of public speaking makes you feel anxious, it can cause you to become less effective at giving a speech! Then you’re basically feeling anxious about feeling anxious, which makes you anxious in the first place. Part of the problem is that your brain has this “fight-or-flight” mechanism that keeps you alive when something truly dangerous happens.

If a dude comes at you with a knife, your brain registers a threat to your safety.

Your adrenaline kicks in, and you get this intense burst of energy to either run or fight. Okay, so that’s good. But what if you tripped and suddenly fell off a 500-ft cliff? Your brain would do the same thing, and you’d be ready to fight or run away… As you fell to your death.

Not helpful.

Your brain isn’t very precise about this kind of thing. It just notices danger and goes on red alert. It’s kind of like a helicopter parent who never lets their kid do anything fun because they think everything is dangerous. In the case of public speech, your brain knows you don’t want to be embarrassed, and it goes, Uh-oh, red alert!

Now you’re all full of fear and adrenaline, but instead of powering your limbs and reflexes for strong, rapid movement, that adrenaline release just has to sit there and bubble in your system while you try to hold still and look normal in front of all those people.

man preparing to smoke a hemp roll

CBD Stigma

Unfortunately, because of some legal decisions from the 20th Century, hemp and CBD got a bad rap. These amazing substances got a bad rap due to their association with marijuana and THC, which are illegal in many places to this day. Regardless of your stance on marijuana, the one thing you need to know about CBD and hemp is that they are not the same thing.

THC actually tends to cause anxiety, which is far from helpful.

CBD, incredibly, does the opposite for many who use it. Hard to believe these two come from the same plant! Marijuana and hemp are both cannabis, and they even smell alike. In fairness, it’s easy to mix them up – they even look similar in certain forms.

Nicotine Withdrawal Anxiety

CBD is a natural choice for craving relief because of how it can soothe those powerful urges for nicotine. It won’t make cravings disappear when they hit you, and it won’t put you 100% at ease—nothing can do that.

However, CBD has been shown to reduce cravings, which is still a pretty big deal.

That said, when someone decides to quit nicotine, the ensuing withdrawals are likely to cause anxiety. This is a physiological reaction, and your body & mind are scrambling to cope with the loss of their favorite nicotine treat. The CBD content in our filtered hemp pre-rolls can help reduce anxiety for anyone, and that includes those who have anxiety specifically due to nicotine withdrawal.

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