4 Reasons to Quit Nicotine Today (Not Tomorrow)

Quitting sure seems simple—if you’re not a smoker. After all, don’t you just… You know, stop? Tell that to a 10-year veteran of the war on nicotine! If you’re a dedicated nicotine user, you know it ain’t about putting the cigarettes in the trash. It’s about how you’re gonna stop yourself from driving down to the gas station for a new pack. It’s not about making the resolution to quit. It’s about how you’ll stand firm instead of rationalizing new reasons to light up.

So if we say it’s hard to quit, “hard” seems like an understatement.

Sometimes, it’s best to focus on the positives. You know what they say: Eyes on the prize. Today, we’re focusing on some of the awesome stuff you can look forward to when you quit – that is, the reasons you should drop the habit and kick the “nasty nic” from your life for good.

#1 Gain control of your behavior

Everyone loves to feel in control. Even if you’re not the type to try controlling other people (and thank god if you aren’t), you probably enjoy a sense of control over your own life. You want to  make good choices and reap their benefits – furthermore, you want to be able to look back at those choices and remember that they were honestly your own. Feeling compelled to get your nicotine fix every time you eat/drive/take work breaks?

Doesn’t sound like control to us.

Can it be said that offering alternatives to nicotine means offering freedom? If it can, then you bet 1606 is in the business of your personal freedom. When was the last time you spent money on something that valuable?

#2 Achieve balance in your life

Extremes can be fun when they’re under control. Things like skydiving, going out for (lots of) drinks, practicing a skill until you’re the best in town, etc. But skydiving every day, drinking excessively every night, or practicing a skill instead of going to work?

The root of the problem here is that these extremes lack balance.

Nicotine is a powerful stimulant, and it will not lead to a balanced lifestyle—you may have noticed just how often you feel like you seriously need a smoke or vape. 

When you quit nicotine, the rebound effect is powerful – as your life settles down and you regain control over your behavior, you find you are able to become more balanced in your social network and activities.

#3 Live longer, look better, and feel good

mother and daughter cuddle smoke-free on the couch

It is predicted that smoking will cause premature baldness, wrinkles all over your face, yellow teeth, bad breath, crappy lung capacity, and plenty else. Aging is bad enough, folks – like you need to make it worse with a drug that turns you into the Mr. Hyde version of yourself? 

This may be the simplest argument we have to make on our list. You’ll just feel better. You’ll like what you see in the mirror way better. and you’ll enjoy the only life you have for longer. Can’t be more direct than this – nicotine takes these things away from you.

#4 Use all of your energy for something better

This might sound too dramatic – quitting saves you time otherwise spent smoking? Well, okay, but the time spent smoking is pretty much negligible, right?


Know how much time you spend in your bathroom over your lifetime? Maybe you don’t want to… for the average person, it’s around 1.5 years of bathroom time spent over your whole life. Wow. Now how much time do you spend smoking or vaping nicotine?

If you’re the “pack-a-day” type, you’ll be looking at multiple years of smoking spent over your life.

Of course, this is before you factor in the dramatic shortening effect that nicotine tends to have on your lifespan.

At any rate, imagine spending that time every day doing something else—something useful or important. You could pick up a new skill, practice a language on Duolingo, exercise, whatever. Anything you do with that time is better than plugging up your body with actual poison.

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