3 Mental Roadblocks That Make You a Slave to Nicotine

Having a tough time kicking the nicotine habit? 

You’re not alone, that’s for sure. In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 68% of adult smokers wanted to quit. 42% had actually attempted (and failed) to quit within the previous year. For those who are looking to escape the constricting grip of nasty nicotine, there’s no denying it’s a tough road.

Yet certain common mistakes and false beliefs take the quitter’s slog and run it straight off a cliff.

That is, quitting gets harder for anyone who isn’t being careful of these following X pitfalls. Grab a pack of filtered hemp pre-rolls and learn how to dodge these mental obstacles before they trip you up!

#1 “I Don’t Need Help From Anyone”

When trying to quit, many a smoker’s biggest mistake is nothing more complicated than trying to go it alone. There are plenty of reasons someone might forgo a little companionship—ignorance, pride, etc. Unfortunately, whatever the reason, it’s pretty common for smokers to try quitting without help from anyone else. Two highly effective strategies for any quitter are “pharmacotherapy” (replacing cigarettes or vaping with nicotine replacement products like hemp rolls) and behavioral counseling. 

Yep, that’s right—a shrink! 

While you don’t have to lie on a couch and talk to an old German dude about your mom, a few visits to a behavioral counselor can help to provide quitters with a sense of accountability—not to mention all the psych advice a counselor or therapist can provide you. Some experts agree that a physician or clinician of some kind can make you approximately 2x more likely to successfully quit nicotine.

Of course, if a counselor is out of the question, well, what are friends for? Friends and family can be awfully helpful as well – just be sure you tell someone you’re trying to quit. If you go it alone, you’re asking for trouble.

sign reading "failure is part of success"

#2 “Replacement Products Are for the Weak”

Strangely enough, a lot of quitters skip nicotine-replacement products entirely. A common reason for this? They see replacement products as a sign of weakness. We disagree, of course, but ask yourself this much: Would you rather rely on a replacement product or live out your final days in a hospital with lung cancer?

Dark? Yes. Wrong? No. 

Cigarettes cause a host of health issues, and replacement products like hemp rolls are a highly effective way to quit those cigarettes (or vape devices). Period. As we see it, weakness and strength are irrelevant. The question is this: What actually gets you from “nicotine addict” to “nicotine-free”? 

Want to be strong? Lift some weights. Want to quit nicotine? Use a nicotine-replacement product.

#3 “I Relapsed. Therefore, I Failed Forever.”

Relapse is not ultimate failure…

It’s progress! Nicotine users who haven’t yet been able to quit smoking—or who have had multiple relapses—often fall into this mental trap. They believe that, because they haven’t succeeded, success is therefore beyond their reach. It’s sadly common for smokers to fail multiple times before kicking the habit forever. But quitting a sinister habit like cigarettes or vaping is a process. It’s all about perspective. Every relapse represents a lesson, and you’re a student of quitting.

If you want to quit, you need to experience relapse and learn how to prevent it.

If you treat relapse like ultimate failure, you’ll end up feeling bad and looking for a pick-me-up. You know, like your favorite nicotine habit. Don’t fall into that trap. Relapse is practically inevitable, so just remember that it’s a stepping stone on your journey to freedom from nicotine. Learn from it and do better next time—even if “better” means going just a little bit longer without nicotine than you did on the previous attempt.

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