How CBD Takes You From Old to Bold (Nicotine Does the Opposite)

No one loves getting old.

If you do, you’re a very unusual exception. There are benefits, sure—the wisdom of age, various discounts, the status you worked so hard to achieve when you were younger… But by and large, it can be a brutal process, and guess what makes aging all the worse? Yep, you got it: nicotine.

Eventually (sooner than you may think), your body will begin sending invitations to symptoms of age like wrinkles and recurring pain. Come on over! Party on Brad’s forehead – gonna be laugh line city! But nicotine is so excited for those winter years that it simply can’t wait. Old Nasty Nic will unleash an early torrent of unapproved invitations to old age, and it doesn’t much care how young you are.

The end goal? Why, tobacco & nicotine’s favorite resting place—the coroner’s table.

Dramatic? Yes. But it’s true – nicotine is in a big hurry to get on with life and speed through it like nobody’s business. Correction: It’s in a hurry to get on with your life. And the old age nicotine & tobacco bring on? It’s not the healthy, happy old age you see in retirement home ads. No, nicotine’s version of old age is the kind where labored breathing wheezes painfully in and out of a hole in your neck. Leathery skin? Check. High risk of cancer? You already know the answer to this question.

Don’t do this to yourself.

Our filtered hemp pre-rolls are custom-crafted for harm reduction. Hemp and CBD can replace nicotine/tobacco cigarettes, fastening your grip tight on the healthier later years you were born to enjoy. And if you’re already in that range of old-age years, it’s not too late.

You can still drop nicotine!

In fact, seniors are exploring the benefits of CBD with increasing interest. For those older folks looking to kick the nic and see what CBD is all about, 1606 filtered hemp pre-rolls represent the ideal trial.

Here are a few reasons CBD is picking up a reputation among the elderly as a worthy supplement.

#1 CBD Won’t Intoxicate You

Seniors can ease discomfort using CBD, and they never have to worry about diminishing cognition. This is not THC – it’s CBD, and it’s a whole different animal. If you have older relatives, they may not be on the up-and-up when it comes to CBD. As a relatively new trend in health and harm reduction, CBD and hemp still have a bad reputation in some parts of the US. But trust us when we tell you that CBD is not marijuana.

#2 CBD Helps Bring on Sleep

For those older folks with sleep issues like insomnia, restless-leg syndrome, or similar conditions, the waking hours can become painful. This sucks for anyone, but it’s even worse as you age! For seniors in a more vulnerable stage of life, good sleep regulation is especially important. CBD can do the trick, too.

#3 CBD Can Improve Arthritis Symptoms

This is a major one for many elderly folks. Stiff joints are a very common symptom of old age. Arthritis sufferers might benefit from CBD, though it will probably also help to apply a topical CBD cream to affected areas. 

#4 CBD Can Ease Stress & Anxiety

Life can be stressful, and the loss of friends and family is something many elderly people endure. In seniors, isolation can bring about depression, and all this at an age when your thoughts have such a profound impact on your body! CBD has been shown to help with anxiety, and if you want an emotional lift, quitting nicotine is one of the best.

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