Want to Quit Nicotine? Here’s Some Brutal Honesty About Hemp Rolls.

Some nicotine users are skeptical about 1606 hemp pre-rolls as a way to quit nicotine.

That’s fair.

The tobacco industry has put so much time and energy into misleading its customer base that cigarette smokers can become highly skeptical. Companies offering new treatments, strategies, and promises can look like more of the same: Businesses telling you what they think you want to hear.

After all, this is basically what tobacco companies have gotten away with for decades.

While there are restrictions on what a tobacco business can publicly advertise, these companies are quick to hire advertising gurus who find creative ways to get around the law without breaking it.

For instance, 2018 saw tobacco companies spend a combined $8+ billion in advertising and promotion for cigarettes. And 2018 was not unique in this regard either. Other years have provided similar statistics. This can seem strange – when was the last time you noticed an ad for nicotine/tobacco cigarettes? 

It almost seems like nicotine advertising doesn’t even exist. But we assure you that it does.

Unlike what other companies rely on, cigarette sellers don’t use obvious advertising. Other companies create a lot of ads that can pop up on TV broadcasts, Youtube, in your Google feed, in the middle of an article, or on the sidebar of a website you’re visiting. But tobacco companies find other ways to get nicotine into your mind, and they do it so often that more than $8 billion was spent on it in a single year.

Imagine how sneaky this stuff must be.

We’re here to talk about our product though. 1606 filtered hemp pre-rolls are a way to quit nicotine forever. And unlike tobacco companies, we want to be honest. Customers and their relationship with the company will always be the foundation of every business. And what’s good for every relationship?

Honesty! Building honest relationships with customers is, in our opinion, the best way to operate. Feeling skeptical? Good. You should always be skeptical. Let’s talk honestly about what our hemp rolls can do for you, and what to expect.

Filtered Hemp Pre-Rolls: An Honest Look at How to Quit Nicotine

Pulmonologist looking at an X-ray picture of someone trying to quit nicotine

1606 filtered hemp pre-rolls are unlike other products on the “quit nicotine” market. Chiefly, they don’t actually contain any nicotine! 

Traditional quitting aids like nicotine patches or gum contain the very chemical you’re trying to get off of. Of course, the idea is to wean you off over time, but this simply doesn’t work for everyone.

For some tobacco smokers, a nicotine patch can actually lead to cravings.

It’s more or less the same principle behind quitting excess drinking by never having another drink—even a small one on a special occasion. You’re introducing your body to a substance that it has been rewired to crave, and this literally activates old pathways in your brain.

And the more a certain pathway is used, the stronger it gets. Sometimes, a really strong pathway—like a nicotine habit for example—can come back bigger and badder than ever with just one little reactivation. Now, if patches are helping you to quit nicotine, that’s awesome! 

But for many smokers, they don’t. Our filtered hemp pre-rolls skip the nicotine-weaning pitfall entirely by imitating a smoking/vaping experience without any nicotine or tobacco.

Everything about our product has been designed with nicotine users in mind.

The color, feel, and weight of the roll between your fingers; the precise strength of the pull needed to light the tip; the speed of the burn whittling paper down to the filter; the pleasure of feeling your throat so lightly scalded by the warm familiarity of toasty flavors and aromas.

Why pay such close attention to the experience of smoking a nicotine/tobacco cigarette? 

Because we offer replacement therapy at its finest.

No other product does such a thorough job of using the senses to convince your brain that it’s getting the nicotine it wants – only it’s not getting that nicotine. It’s getting hemp and CBD. 

And CBD’s potential to reduce both anxiety and actual cravings is the follow-up in our one-two punch theory: Filtered hemp pre-rolls hit that key sensory experience from taste to touch, and then comes the physical relief from cravings (backed by studies).

Now here’s where we show you we’re committed to honest retail.

No fine print – no devil in the details. Ready? Consistently smoking hemp rolls is not as good for you as simply not smoking anything at all. 

That’s the truth.

But this isn’t a perfect world, and you do smoke. Or you vape.

vape kits on table

And to ignore this flat fact seems crazy because, since you smoke or vape nicotine on the regular, you’re not just going to drop the habit out of nowhere. Patches, gum, and the cold turkey method have this in common: They reach too far.

You don’t try painting for the first time by recreating the Mona Lisa – you simply do what you can do. That’s just realistic. If you want to quit nicotine, then you shouldn’t be reaching for something like a tablet of gum, which is not remotely like smoking a cigarette. You won’t get the experience your body and mind crave.

Filtered hemp pre-rolls are special precisely because anyone can trade a nicotine cigarette—or a vape— for a hemp roll. It’s a smooth transition founded on one basic concept:

Smoking a hemp roll feels like a nicotine session. 

We’re confident that our product can be the purchase that changes your life and reduces harm to your body. Since nicotine and tobacco cigarettes are so hazardous to your health, anything that helps you quit them is a tool of harm reduction. 

Every time you try to quit nicotine, you might feel that nagging thing in the back of your mind. Am I truly going to quit this time? Is this struggle actually worth anything?

For those who have tried and tried to quit nicotine (and failed every time), why not go for the option that reduces harm? Our product is that option.

It’s hard to argue with harm reduction!

And 1606 filtered hemp pre-rolls make this choice easier than ever. Are you ready to inhale nicotine for the last time?

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