Hemp cigarettes, CBD pre-rolls spreading like wildflower

Something interesting is happening: A new smokable is on the market, and it’s making waves.

Hemp-filled rolls are gathering an excited audience and for good reason – hemp fans are reporting numerous benefits to their overall wellbeing. 

Wait, you can smoke hemp?

Yes, you definitely can. Hemp’s historical uses range from fabric and rope to ceremonial accessories. Importantly, these are low-THC rolls (just 0.3%) with 20% CBD content.

For smokers everywhere, 1606 is thrilled to announce our premium hemp rolls as the newest thing in smoking alternatives.

Traditionally, THC and CBD have been used together in high volume, which is one of the reasons marijuana is so relaxing for many users. If that’s your style, we’re cool with that. But what we’re offering at 1606 is CBD-centric hemp rolls, which are a different experience entirely.

Some cigarette smokers are even looking to hemp rolls as nicotine-free tools for quitting tobacco.

Incredibly, these folks are leaving behind the nicotine patches and vape pens. In a bit of cosmic timing, the recent vape scare and bans of vape and flavored tobacco products have opened up retail shelf space for smokable hemp. 

You can see this phenomenon in convenience stores, gas stations, and smoke shops throughout the country. Also known as CBD “pre-rolls,” these handy hemp smokables are made using hemp flowers rich with cannabidiol (CBD), which is now legal to produce—as long as the THC content is minimized to that 0.3% value.

Experts believe that hemp rolls act as more than just a tobacco alternative too…

CBD may help smokers quit tobacco at a biological level.

In 2013, researchers at University College London conducted a small study of 24 smokers. These smokers were given an inhaler with either CBD or a placebo to use for one week. Participants were told to use the inhaler when they felt the urge to smoke. Those given the placebo showed no difference in the number of cigarettes smoked, while those using CBD significantly reduced the number of cigarettes they smoked by 40%.

Brightfield Group has provided more survey data on more than 5,000 CBD users, finding that 24% have used pre-rolls to quit smoking. The same report also found that 41% of smokers have used CBD-centric hemp to quit tobacco entirely.

We’ll leave you with an exciting quote from one field expert in the CBD universe...

In an interview with Merry Jane, Tia Tagliaferro (chief operating officer at the Manhattan-based CBD retailer Hemp Garden) had this to say:

“Because CBD works with the endocannabinoid system, it’s a regulation tool that will bring the body back to homeostasis… It will help with sleeping, anxiety, and bring you back to a calm state, which is why people turn to cigarettes in the first place – they’re looking for an outlet for their stress.”

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