“Hemp is Marijuana” and 3 Other Fibs That Feed the Nicotine Machine

Big Tobacco has a vested interest in keeping you hooked.

Nicotine addiction is an incredible business model – it’s so effective that in 2018, the Federal Trade Commission found tobacco companies collectively spent $1 million per hour on marketing cigarettes and tobacco in the US alone.

Let that amount sink in…

These companies are so profitable that every single hour, they can afford to throw a million dollars at advertising. 

Back in 2010, it was estimated that tobacco companies reaped approximately $6,000 for every death caused by their products (read: nicotine addiction).

Let’s run a little thought exercise. If you were asked to value your own life in dollar bills, how much would you say you’re worth? Put it this way: Imagine a homicidal maniac has you at gunpoint, and he’s demanding money. How much money would you be willing to pay him if it meant you could walk away unharmed?

Would you be willing to pay more than a mere $6K for your life? If so, Big Tobacco thinks you’d be overspending.

Every time you pick up a new pack of cigarettes, you are directly funding a company that values your life at a couple months’ pay before taxes. Apparently, $6K per life is a good enough reason to keep on selling poison.

To be fair, a suit-and-tie tobacco executive does have 1 regret when a customer dies – he wishes you’d bought one more carton of cigarettes before you kicked the bucket.

Well, we’re here to tell you that combustible hemp rolls have exploded onto the scene. These special products are helping folks with nicotine addiction put down the cigarette and move forward into a healthier life – a longer life that you could never put a price on.

So you can guess how tobacco companies feel about hemp – they’re not fans. 

No doubt they’re quite pleased that, when it comes to hemp, there are plenty of lies to go around. And if those companies didn’t invent the lies, one imagines they’d be more than happy to keep such falsehoods afloat.

After all, anything that gets in the way of nicotine addiction is a target to Big Tobacco

But you won’t be fooled next time you hear one of these 4 fibs. The truth can set you free from tobacco, so take note and correct these falsehoods wherever you see them.

4 Fibs About Hemp That Feed the Nicotine Machine—and Keep You Addicted

man with nicotine addiction smokes tobacco

1. “Hemp is the same thing as marijuana.”

Verdict: Total Lie

This fib keeps people away from hemp by making it sound like just another word for weed. If you aren’t into smoking marijuana, or it’s illegal where you live, this lie alone can ensure someone never tries a hemp roll.

Now for the facts: Hemp is cannabis, and so is marijuana. But that’s where the important similarities end. 

Marijuana gets you high by pumping THC into your body. By contrast, industrial hemp has so little THC that it can’t get you high at all. It won’t show up on a drug test for THC either. Instead, hemp is a high-CBD-content product that has been shown to relax, ease anxiety, and subdue cravings for highly addictive substances like nicotine. 

There is some CBD in marijuana, but industrial hemp is carefully grown and cultivated to bear almost no THC whatsoever (0.3%).

2. “Science doesn’t back CBD as a powerful smoking alternative.”

Verdict: Nope – Another Lie

Sometimes, this lie comes from a well-meaning skeptic. But the result is the same – it keeps people from trying hemp, and that’s exactly what tobacco companies need to maintain nicotine addiction.

Pain relief? CBD has been shown to provide that. Easing anxiety? CBD to the rescue. How about cravings? Yup, CBD has extremely promising preclinical results as a treatment for cravings. 

Are you beginning to see why Big Tobacco might be just a little irritated about combustible hemp?

Now, maybe you think there should be more research into hemp and CBD. Absolutely – we agree. We’re all for gathering more info, but here’s what we know for the time being: Tobacco kills, and hemp can serve as a much healthier smoking alternative.

3. “CBD is a psychoactive substance – you can’t smoke a hemp roll and stay functional like you can with a tobacco cigarette.”

Verdict: Pretty Misleading

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again! CBD is not some alternative marijuana thing that makes you loopy. The law is still coming to terms with this in certain parts of the world, but CBD and hemp are not comparable with THC and weed. Period.

Instead, think of CBD more like coffee. Did you realize that coffee is a psychoactive substance? It affects your mind. That is essentially the definition of “psychoactive.” 

The intelligent question is, How does the substance affect my mind?

Coffee energizes you, making you feel fast and alert – maybe it even heightens your mood. It doesn’t stop you from being effective at work, driving a car, or spending time with family and friends. However, you definitely don’t want to drink too much coffee. 

Likewise, in the proper amounts, CBD can act as an effective calming agent and soothe distressing cravings for nicotine. Depending on your personal physiology, though, CBD might cause feelings of drowsiness or fatigue.

As with any new substance, you ought to consult your doctor and try it in a safe environment before using it while you’re out and about.

4. “CBD is addictive, and it’s worse than tobacco because you might overdose.”

Verdict: Bald-Faced BS

No, CBD is not addictive. Not in the sense that nicotine is addictive – after all, you can become “addicted” to virtually anything that feels good (like Netflix). But on a chemical level? No, CBD does not cause your body to experience withdrawal or cravings—unlike tobacco cigarettes, which are practically designed to create a physiological nicotine addiction.

As for the claim about overdosing, that’s false too. There are no recorded incidents of a CBD overdose. Ever. It’s just not that kind of substance. It’s possible there could be negative interactions between CBD and a medication you’re currently taking. As always, consult your doctor for the facts of the matter.

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