Does CBD Have What It Takes to Fight High Blood Pressure?

What can CBD do for you? Sometimes, it seems easier to ask the reverse question. That is, what can’t CBD do for you? It surely performs a range of helpful functions throughout the body, although the ultimate test is to simply try it for yourself. But think back to the early days—back when cannabis was winning some important publicity points for having potential medical value.

It was noted that you could use cannabis to treat glaucoma, which was pretty exciting. Basically, glaucoma means that your eyes’ fluid pressure increases, which pressures the optic nerve. Eventually, that pressure pinches your optic nerve, causing you to lose eyesight.

Cannabis can lower that fluid pressure, which relieves the optic nerve and restores eyesight. 

Then the question became, Can cannabis lower other fluid pressure in the body? For example, what could it do for blood pressure? Well, a few years ago, one important study finally investigated whether CBD reduces blood pressure in human beings. The conclusion? 

“Our data show that a single dose of CBD reduces resting blood pressure and the blood pressure response to stress.”

CBD vs. Cardiovascular Disease

The above findings actually stack atop earlier research showing that CBD is a vasodilator, meaning that it widens your blood vessels and your arteries. This allows for improved blood flow with less pressure to hamper the process. 

One of the trickiest areas within medical cannabis research is that which explores CBD in the cardiovascular system. A growing body of research is ever suggesting that CBD can benefit those suffering from heart disease, especially when in recovery from heart attack or stroke. A lot of investigations have looked at long-term cannabis smokers and discovered cardiovascular damage, which they attributed to cannabis. But later studies have looked specifically at ingested CBD, so they were able to separate the effects of smoking from those of the cannabinoid itself. 

As it turns out, the cardiovascular damage observed in previous studies was probably caused by the act of smoking rather than CBD. 

1606 openly offers filtered hemp pre-rolls as an exercise in what we like to call “harm reduction.” Smoking is what it is, but if you’re hooked on nicotine, switching from tobacco cigarettes to hemp rolls is definitely a move in the right direction—as far as your health is concerned. If you’re going to smoke, why not go the least damaging route possible?

CBD & Blood Pressure

To be clear, CBD is a long way from being considered an effective treatment for cardiovascular disease. And 1606 is no replacement for a visit to your doctor! Serious conditions involve multiple factors like diet, lifestyle, age, genetics, etc. Ingesting CBD isn’t necessarily going to fix all your health issues –  in reality, there are no magic pills to delete a person’s health problems, despite what many advertisers would like you to think. 

And while CBD may not be a magic cure for blood pressure conditions like hypertension, cannabis has long acted as a natural remedy that people use to help manage things like blood pressure and stress. 

At the end of the day, it’s your choice. 1606 is not in the business of curing what ails you. We’re in the business of harm reduction—of giving you back the power of choice. If you want to try quitting nicotine cold turkey, we wish you the best of luck. But luck you will surely need because most people who get hooked on nicotine tend to stay that way. Our filtered hemp pre-rolls offer the first totally realistic avenue for quitting nicotine, and with all the research out there on the benefits of CBD, you may just find there’s another little health bonus to enjoy alongside your new nicotine-free life. 

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