3 Gnarly Hemp Myths and How to Uproot Them

You may have heard that hemp is on the rise.

That’s true, and it’s amazing news for many people. It’s amazing because it means that we have more access than ever before to a tried-and-true natural resource with a colorful history. And by history, we mean ancient history – no joke.

But somewhere along the line, hemp made it onto society’s list of “scary, bad substances.”

Hemp myths keep growing like… Well, like weeds.

But one of the most exciting things about the hemp surge is that we’re putting all those old ideas behind us. We’re seeing the good that hemp can do, and people are already benefiting from CBD and the hemp flower—people who thought there was no solution, who had nearly given up.

The 2018 Farm Bill (which legalized production and distribution of hemp) was jaw-dropping news for Americans who struggle with nicotine addiction, pain, insomnia, chronic anxiety, and other maladies.

Imagine the best, most relaxing marijuana high without the inebriation. Just calm and confidence in daily life.

This is the kind of power hemp has brought to many hemp enthusiasts. So given the value of this natural wonder, we think it’s important to clear out the false ideas that damage the conversation about hemp.

Here’s the truth about our favorite flower, and 3 hemp myths to dismiss the next time you hear them.

Hemp Myth 1: “Hemp fields are a tricky disguise for secret marijuana farms”

A lot of people have pointed out that marijuana and hemp look the same. Some have even said that legalizing hemp was a mistake because of how it could be used to cover a secret, illegal marijuana crop.


Fair enough, hemp and marijuana look similar. But there are key distinctions, and they are noticeable enough that anyone trying to disguise their weed as hemp  will likely get caught by anyone who knows the clear signs (hint: most police officers).

Marijuana has a thicker, fluffier look.

Its leaves are broader than those of the hemp flower, which is a tall, thin plant. Hemp and marijuana have very different growing conditions, meaning that if they are right next to each other, one will thrive, and the other one will fail.

So even if you did escape notice by hiding marijuana in hemp fields, you’d be wasting your time.

You’d likely end up with a bad marijuana crop. Or you’d be stuck with a bad hemp crop, which would then fail spectacularly as a disguise for the thriving marijuana.

For that matter, hemp pollen can easily wreck the THC quality of a marijuana plant – no one is going to profit from using hemp as a cover.

Hemp Myth 2: “Hemp is for people who want to get high.”

Hemp and marijuana get lumped together a lot. This is understandable since hemp is cannabis, and “cannabis” is often used to refer to marijuana. 

But make no mistake – hemp is not marijuana, and it does not get you high.

Industrial hemp—like the kind produced at 1606—is a non-intoxicating substance. It contains a mere 0.3% THC content. Nobody could get even a little high off of this amount. It would be like getting drunk off a glass of water with a drop of beer in it – not going to happen.

We repeat – it is impossible to get a THC high from combustible hemp. 

While hemp and marijuana flowers both contain cannabinoids, marijuana is the bad boy of the two with its high supply of THC (around 20-30%). With that myth busted, there’s one minor related myth to mention. Some people believe you can fail a drug test due to consuming hemp…

But the probability of THC showing up on a drug screen—due to hemp alone—is incredibly low.

You’d probably have a better chance of getting struck by lightning, so you can pretty much dismiss this fear outright.

Hemp isn’t going to get  you high, and it’s not going to show up in a drug test. That’s two hemp myths busted!

Hemp Myth 3: “Hemp doesn’t actually help people who consume it.

Wow – we saved the best for last.

The only credit we can give this myth is that it’s impressively false. 

You would have to be pretty determined to buy into a myth like this one. You’d have to ignore, for example, the clear evidence that hemp and CBD are one of the most effective treatments on the market for epileptic seizures.

It’s easy to locate reports from victims of anxiety who will tell you what a relief hemp and CBD have been for them. Depression and chronic pain? CBD Can help with those too – read the study yourself. And few options have been as effective as CBD in helping tobacco users kick their dangerous nicotine addiction.

Some experts are skeptical and want to see more evidence. This is the nature of science – they don’t want to draw conclusions too early. 

Believe it or not, that’s a good thing!

The prospect of more studies on hemp is exciting because it means we’re going to explore the full potential of this awesome plant.

For now, there are plenty of reasons to give it a try, particularly if you have ever struggled with the challenges described just above.

The unfortunate hype around marijuana has tainted hemp’s brilliant reputation as an historical treatment that soothed, comforted, and otherwise helped many, many people before modern medicine came on the scene.

And while you should definitely trust modern medicine, don’t let ridiculous hemp myths obscure a balanced, open-minded view of the much-underrated hemp flower.

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