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Our premium filtered hemp pre-rolls are a smooth alternative to tobacco/nicotine products. 1606 believes Hemp/CBD can change lives, and that’s why we encourage nicotine users to make a decision—to help us take these pioneering steps into a world where something as simple as lighting up a smoke doesn’t mean taking a hammer to your health.

Are you ready to discover what our filtered hemp pre-rolls can do for you?

What If You Could Take Back the Power of Choice?

We have worked hard to develop a product—a powerful alternative to nicotine and tobacco cigarettes—that may just put you back in the driver’s seat on your journey to quitting tobacco/nicotine. 

The 1606 filtered hemp pre-roll is a powerful smoking alternative for people who are truly ready to leave nicotine and tobacco behind. Whether you’re a new quitter or an old vet of the war on nicotine relapse, hemp is changing the game. 

Why Hemp?

< 0.3% THC

1606 hemp is perfectly legal in all 50 states of the U.S. In federal compliance with the 2018 Farm bill, it contains less than 0.3% THC. Want to know more? Read about hemp, CBD, and the farm bill here 

Safe to Use

You need a CBD experience that is transparent – no frills, no BS. That’s why we openly submit our hemp for testing to ensure it contains NO harmful microbes, mycotoxins, pesticides, heavy metals, and more. Find our third-party test results here

Common Uses for CBD

CBD is used for all kinds of health reasons, including as an alternative to smoking/vaping, reducing cravings for harmful substances, soothing anxiety, relaxing, and more. 

Historical High Quality

1606 pays tribute to its early-American roots with hemp that is developed using time-honored growing, drying, and curing practices. Traditional methods infuse every hemp pre-roll with a flavor and aromatic body that simply feels… Right.

Reduce Harm to Your Body

Just about anything is less harmful than nicotine and tobacco. You chose to smoke or vape – so why not choose something better than nicotine? Hemp rolls are your new harm-reducing smoking alternative, and the reviews are in – yes, they actually work.

Quit Nicotine for Real

Tired of promises made and products that don’t work? So are we. But if 1606 filtered hemp pre-rolls didn’t get the job done, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

Filtered Hemp Pre-Rolls Make Quitting Nicotine Possible

Quitting is Tough on Your Own

Trying to quit? Face it: you’re either taking a break from nicotine or you're smoking it. And just when you think you're nicotine-free, it only takes one little accident to undo your progress.

An Advantage for Smokers and Vapers

More than a simple smoking alternative, hemp/CBD has the documented potential to actually reduce cravings on a chemical level. This is the powerful advantage you need to finally quit nicotine.

The Power of Hemp

It’s as simple as it sounds: Quitting nicotine reduces harm to your body.  As a smoking alternative, hemp rolls can help you quit tobacco and nicotine—whether you currently smoke it or vape it. Our product is an enhanced harm-reducing tool.

Better Than Cigarettes

1606 filtered hemp pre-rolls have none of a tobacco cigarette’s nastiest ingredients—junk like tar and hydrogen cyanide. (Yep, those are actually in a tobacco cigarette.) 

A Real Smoking/Vaping Experience

Other products like nicotine gum and patches fail to account for the experience of smoking or vaping. But 1606 hemp rolls have been specially designed with this in mind – they treat your senses to all the familiar comforts you crave.

A Natural Alternative That Works

Many nicotine users report that hemp rolls have actually helped them get off nicotine. It's incredible – hemp is just a plant, but it’s easily the most effective way to actually quit nicotine. So why not try something different?

What People Are Saying About 1606 Filtered Hemp Pre-Rolls


Documented Potential: Hemp/CBD Making Waves in Science

Managing Anxiety

Quitting nicotine is a major source of anxiety for many smokers. CBD has been shown to possess soothing properties.

Enhancing Wakefulness

One study found CBD had the potential to combat drowsiness and promote a more alert state of mind.

Pain Relief

Some research attests to CBD as a potent way of relieving pain due to serious underlying causes.

Opiate Addiction Therapy

According to research, harmful cravings for substances like opiates can potentially be relieved using CBD.

Acne Treatment

Acne-induced inflammation may be treatable using CBD, some studies have found.

Lowered Blood Pressure

Some research points to CBD as a way to lower high blood pressure.

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